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The trucker should be aware of how his truck is functioning. A periodic inspection and assessment from certified technicians goes in the right way to determine an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. The truck, for its smooth running, relies on many different types of machinery to operate seamlessly. Among the essential components, your vehicle needs to function correctly is a working battery. Mobile Battery Boost Service in Toronto by Road Dogs is every trucker rescue partner in case of a dead battery and the maintenance partner for periodic inspections and checks of battery. 

Mobile battery boost service will help you get the most out of your battery. We suggest that the truckers buy the right battery to ensure that the truck runs safely and efficiently. Once the trucker has gotten the right type of battery for its periodic maintenance, service and repairs, all they have to do is rely on mobile battery boost service in Toronto and get served by the best service in the market at the most competitive prices. 

For long-haul trucks or commercial trucks to do trucking, they need a dependable battery. A good working battery does the following-

  • Provides the power to crank the starter, 
  • Start the truck, and 
  • Run several accessories such as rear lights, front lights, radio etc. All these factors aid the truckers in getting to their destinations and delivering their payloads smoothly. 

If the battery drains out or goes dead in an unforeseen incident, then the truck sits idle, which leads to costly downtime. This costly downtime grows exponentially when either of it happens, emergency roadside assistance gets delayed, or the cost of repairing is way too high. 

With emergency roadside assistance by Road Dogs, we assure to reduce the downtime and cost of repairing with our expert mobile battery boost service in Toronto. We understand it in this way that there’s never a good time for the battery to die, and god forbid it happens; it is the interest of both trucker and trucking company to get the truck back on the road as quickly as possible. 

Mobile Battery Boost Service


Mobile Battery Boost Service

Different kinds of trucks have different types of batteries. The golden rule is still the same- cheap battery is not always the right choice for your truck. The trucker must know what kind of batteries are available and how to maintain the same.

Flooded-Cell, Full-Maintenance Battery

These are the oldest and the most commonly used battery type. These batteries come in the widest variety of shapes and sizes for their vast application. Their most significant advantage is that they have removable caps, which helps the truckers and certified technicians check the electrolyte level in each cell and replenish it with distilled water. These batteries are more power efficient as they provide more amp capacity per dollar than other lead-acid battery types. Every trucker must be wary that flooded-cell batteries need regular checks and inspections by expert mobile battery boost service. It is imperative to clean off the dust, debris and oil residues that gather over time. 

Ensure to frequently check flooded batteries for corrosion as they lead plates that tend to deteriorate when exposed to air. The certified technician should be proficient to look for high internal resistance statistics due to the weak internal structure. Like every piece of machinery, flooded batteries require periodic checks to look for an underlying problem. 

Absorbed Glass Mat, or AGM Battery

The absorbed glass mat or AGM batteries are the best and the latest in lead-acid batteries, and there are valid reasons for the same. AGM batteries are leak-free, and other than an occasional post and top cleaning, these batteries are pretty free from the constant ritual of checks & maintenance. One more added advantage is that they have high impact resistance leading to meagre internal resistance due to the tight packing of an AGM battery. The low internal resistance increases the output voltage, decreases charging time, and reduces losses to heat as power flows through the system. They are way easy to recharge; just plugin and they are set for charging. Emergency roadside assistance recommends that while charging AGM batteries make sure they are not over and undercharged as this can affect their life and performance. They perform at their best level when their use is limited to discharge no more than 50% of battery capacity. A bit of downside comes with the bit of higher cost of AGM batteries than flooded batteries with similar power. 

Mobile Battery Boost Service


Every battery type has its unique features with respective pros and cons. It depends on the truck or the fleet manager who understands the battery application, the environment in which the battery shall operate, and the fleet budget.

You may use the battery as per your discretion, but we shall still recommend you some handy tips to take care of the truck battery yourself or hire the expert mobile battery boost service in Toronto

  • Change every 3 years

A good quality truck battery has a life of 3 years; make sure you get it replaced by expert professionals in the right time frame to ensure your truck runs smoothly and never making your truck lose power mid-journey due to a drained battery.

  • Check the acid level

Make it a point in your six-monthly reminders to get the acid level checked on your battery. It makes all the point to get the acid levels checked when the truck isn’t being taken for long hauls. 

  • Add water carefully

If you notice that electrolyte levels are low (the plates will be exposed), top them up with distilled water. Be careful when doing this and only fill the cells to cover the plates. A funnel or sports bottle is often best for adding water as they allow you to control the flow. Once you’ve topped up the water levels, use a battery charger to recharge the battery.

  • Conduct a battery load test

Every month without fail, get a battery load test conducted by a mechanics maestro who can check that the battery charges efficiently and sufficiently, even in freezing temperatures.

  • Clean the battery

You must get your truck’s battery cleaned by a professional for dirt, debris and even corrosion. The cleaning should be done from the top of the battery and around the terminals. 

  • Keep cables tied

The cables must be tied tightly, which keeps everything properly secure. The simplest way to keep the truck’s battery healthy is to drive it frequently for long trucking trips, and just in case your truck remains idle, don’t let it undriven for more than three days at a stretch. 

  • Keep the battery warm

Toronto is an area where the weather is freezing in certain months. Though the cold and beautiful weather is loved by all, not so much by the battery, it’s essential to keep it warm so that less power is consumed when you try to start it. 

  • Don’t over-charge

A big no to this one as overcharging the battery leads to severe damage. Without fail, check on the battery every half an hour to see how it’s progressing when charging manually. 

Mobile Battery Boost Service

We understand how valuable it is to keep the battery in perfect condition. The battery is essential because it gives that zap to your truck. Besides so many other things, it makes sure that the anti-theft systems are operating correctly and will help in regulating electronic fuel injection. Last but not least, a thorough repair and service will ensure that you get the engine capacity you need to get as much power as you need whenever you step on the gas.


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